Maintenance – Suffolk County, NY

We offer a wide array of treatment options to make sure your septic system, drain or cesspool is working properly.  In addition as a homeowner here is what you can do to make sure your system is working as designed and minimize on pump outs.

  1. Make sure there is no leaks on any faucets, sinks, tubs or hoses.
  2. Do not flush anything other than septic safe toilet tissue.  Even though a product says its “flushable” doesn’t mean that its safe for your septic system.  This includes baby wipes, training wipes, Cottonelle, tampons, Q-Tips, and condoms.
  3. Every 5-7 years your septic system/cesspool needs to be pumped and have the solid waste removed to allow for proper drainage.  Not doing could allow for solid waste to enter the overflow tank which is a more costly repair.
  4. Use chlorine bleach sparingly.  Chlorine bleach kills the bacteria that breaks down the waste found in the septic system
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